Compare accuracy of visitor de-anonymization services all at once with our new tool.

Uncoverhigh-intent leads
that generate pipeline

Identify prospects who are signaling purchase intent on your website in real time, engage them with personalized outreach at scale, and book more meetings.

Your Demand Gen is falling short because you are..

Waiting for hand-raisers

Who are < 2% of your inbound. The rest are evaluating your solution but remain hidden and untouched.

Chasing "In-market" accounts

That aren't ready to buy despite what 3rd-party intent data and scored MQLs tell you.

Letting hot leads go cold

You don't reach out to ideal prospects the moment they signal buying intent on your own website.

Syft converts demand into Qualified Pipeline

Visitor-level leads

Find Prospects, not just Companies

Syft identifies website visitors with first and third-party data to generate qualified person-level leads. Data from multiple enrichment providers are combined with your website, CRM, and outbound activity to identify target customers even before they raise their hand.

  • Identify leads from over 60% of your anonymous visitors
  • Enrich over 80% of your signups with work profiles
  • Get best-fit leads without wasting time on research and enrichment
Intent Signals

Actionable intent that you can trust

Syft discovers prospects with clear buying intent in real time based on how they engage with your content. Our AI synthesizes accurate first-party intent signals into actionable summaries so that you can personalize your outreach and prospect with confidence.

  • Detect Buyer Intent in real time
  • Prioritize accounts with AI-summarized Buyer Journeys
  • Qualify leads with precise firmographic, demographic, and technographic data
Motion for outbound

Demand capture on auto-pilot

Orchestrate outbound motions in your favorite CRMs and Marketing tools with Syft’s prospect and intent data. With Syft Motions, GTM teams can automatically turn inbound demand into outbound actions and spend less time on sales enablement.

  • Sync prospects and intents to CRM and MAP platforms
  • Act and collaborate on prospect activity with real-time notifications
  • Personalize your outreach with sequences powered by intent
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CRM Sync

Get accounts, leads, and intents right where you need them in Hubspot and Salesforce.

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Marketing & Outbound Automation

Build personalized sequences and workflows in Apollo, Outreach, or Hubspot.

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Real-time Collaboration

Get interactive notifications in Slack and Teams for instant outreach and collaboration.

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No-code data collection

Get 1st-Party identity and signals from any marketing, product, or documentation website.

Get quality leads with < 10 minutes of setup

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