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Double down on content and sign-ups that convert. Built for modern B2B Growth Teams.

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Never miss high-value accounts

Stop missing valuable leads in your inbound. Identify customers early in their buyer journey even before they sign up! Syft automatically finds high-quality leads based on multiple company and persona profiles.

  • Enrich visitors and sign-ups
  • Qualify based on multiple ICPs and Personas
  • Track all customer touchpoints
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Your Account Copilot

Avoid spending hours researching new leads. Syft's AI profiles each prospect and their purchase intent based on how they engage with your website content. Instead of abstract lead scores, work with qualitative insights. With Syft, marketing teams spend less time on qualifying leads and sales enablement.

  • Automatic detection of Buyer Intent Signals
  • Qualitative lead insights
  • No manual scoring
Syft Content Analytics

Content that is on the money

Stop spending time and money on content that doesn't convert. Go beyond page views to find high-performing content that generates high-quality leads and influences your sales funnel.

  • Put a Dollar-value on your content
  • Segment performance by ICP
  • Multi-touch Attribution
Syft Content Analytics
Syft Content Analytics

Integrates with tools you ❤️

Add Syft to your website in less than 10 minutes. Syft meets you where you are - in the tools that you love to work in. It integrates seamlessly with your CRM and communication tools.

  • Seamless CRM integration
  • Real-time lead notifications via Slack
  • No-code tracking


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